Trail Mania with Tim Kimura Part 2: Learning the Trail Pattern

Trail Mania with Tim Kimura Part 2: Learning the Trail Pattern
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Join Tim "The Trail Man" as he teaches us "How to Tackle the Obstacles"! Discovering ALL the answers to ALL the right questions, learning to plan your approaches and your angles...sounds like good advice for life... maybe, but it will help you negotiate a professionally designed trail course and make you a top trail person according to Tim Kimura, a champion trail course designer for the pros!

About Tim:
Tim Kimura is a professional trail course designer with more than a quarter century of experience, a clinician who hosts 40 clinics a year, and an instructor sought after by the best in trail class competition.

Because making it as a top Trail exhibitor is "15% athletic ability and 85% mental," according to Kimura, he will help competitors with the most important part of competition - the mental part: planning approaches and angles, avoiding distractions and staying in control.

"Trail classes have become specialty events," Kimura says, and he has been at the forefront of tweaking courses for all the major shows including all of the AQHA World Championship shows and nearly all Western breed's events.

Trainer: Tim Kimura

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